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How do I implement...

AI Builder in My Business?

Yes! This AI Secrets Masterclass is especially for you if...

  • You've experimented with ChatGPT and are still exploring ways to integrate it into your business
  • You're an AI novice (Hint: It's never too late to start)
  • You've tried using AI but haven't found a solution that works for you and are unsure of the next steps
  • You think a AI wouldn't work for you because you believe your business is “different”...

If you nodded or said “yes” to any of the above, then this FREE 5-Day AI Secrets Masterclass is definitely for you!

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the "AI Guy" and the "Sales Guy"...

The Ultimate AI Masterclass

From: John Golat

Dear Tired Business Owner:

If you're seeking the one and only AI solution that consistently attracts new customers without daily maintenance or figuring it out on your own,
...then you've come to the right place.

Here's the backstory:

I found myself cornered...

Justin Benton cornered me in Mexico during our AI mastermind and asked me point-blank:

“If you had just ONE AI, what AI would that be?”

I told him the truth:

"It would be the ClickMind AI 

Why "ClickMind AI"?

...Because "AI Builder" is the quickest way to achieve results, attain online success, and convert visitors into eager buyers!

In short, it's the perfect AI for generating more leads and more sales in a fraction of the time compared to traditional ways. Moreover, it's the AI for those who want a system that works for them!

AI Builder is not only effective but also particularly beneficial for beginners.

AI Builder works, and it's incredibly effective, especially if you’re just getting started.

When John started, he didn't have an email list or a significant social media following. He wasn't even attempting to launch or sell anything when he implemented his first AI system

However, his AI funnels worked so well-received by his audience that many participants urged him to continue the mindclone training.

Since then, John has executed many highly-profitable AI funnels and AI clones with renowned entrepreneurs, assisting them in developing their own AI solutions!

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FREE Marketing AI Secrets!

By joining the masterclass for Free today, we'll guide you through building and launching an AI for your business in just 60 minutes a day for 5 days! Here's what you can expect from the 5-Day Mastercalss:

Here’s What You Can Expect From The 5-Day Challenge:

Day 1

Introducing the "AI Builder"

(And Why It's the Only AI Your Business Needs)

On the first day of the AI Secrets Masterclass, we'll show you:

  • Real-world "AI Builder" and AI funnels working for everyday people today
  • Why AI is crucial for converting more traffic , more sales into loyal fans
  • Why THIS AI is essential for ANY business!

Day 2

Human-less Sales Machine

Discover how to create human-less blogs, funnels, webinars, podcasts, and even VSLs.

On day two, we'll introduce you to the three types of AI offers you can present to potential clients.

Day 3

AI + Set it and Forget it.

(And Why It's the Only AI Your Business Needs)

What sets your business apart from the rest? What makes it irresistible?

While there are other AI options available, most are doing it WRONG.

On day three, we'll demonstrate how to design, structure, and organize your
AI the RIGHT way while also identifying your AI "big idea" to attract the leads you desire!

Day 4

AI + Traffic Secrets!

On day 4, we'll reveal how to fill your funnels for free with one simple and proven organic AI traffic secret. Additionally, we'll share a powerful AI traffic secret for those ready to scale.

Day 5

The Art of Selling AI

On the fifth and final day of the challenge, we'll teach you what and how to sell AI and how to get started immediately.

This is perfect for those who don't have a "AI" product or course.


AI Success Framework

Interested in seeing more real-world examples of AI offers, including case studies?

Don't miss the bonus day! This is an excellent opportunity to see how AI works in today's market for various types of entrepreneurs and niches.

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So Don’t Wait! Join The AI Secrets Masterclass For Free Right Now!

Meet Your Hosts for the

5-Day AI Secrets Masterclass!

John Golat

John Golat, an 8-Figure Entrepreneur, began in 2008 with $0 in online sales and skyrocketed to over $10M per year in sales by 2020, earning him the title of THE "AI guy."

As a 3-time ClickFunnels Two-Comma Club Award winner and co-founder of ClickMind AI, he's dedicated to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs generate more leads and convert them into sales using AI.

Justin Benton

Justin Benton, a best-selling author and serial entrepreneur, boasts over 20 years of experience in the sales world and is widely recognized as THE "Sales guy."

As the co-founder of ClickMind AI, he's committed to providing small business owners and entrepreneurs with the #1 tool for generating more leads that convert into sales using AI.

Now this is your opportunity to attain the business and life  you've always desired...

...Are you ready to seize it?